JAS: the end of the rainbow

The NAMC YS-11 holds a unique position within the aeronautical industry of Japan, being the only genuine airliner the country has produced. As a regional workhorse, the YS-11 played a major part in laying the foundation for the world's busiest domestic market and Toa Domestic Airlines could not have done without it.
In 1956, a year after the ban on building airplanes - existing since the war - was lifted for Japan, a project was announced by the Federation for Research and Design of a Transport Plane, Yusouki Sekkei Kyokai, with the designer of the 'Zero' being one of the members of the federation. Project work started in 1957 and out of two plans for both the fuselage and engines the first option was chosen, both numbers '1' in other words. Knowing this, one can now derive the type designation.

The YS-11 became a short-haul turboprop seating 64, twice as much as the F27 equipped with the same power plants: a pair of Rolls Royce Darts. The Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Company was founded on June 1, 1959 by Mitsubishi, Fuji, Shin-Meiwa, Nihon Aeroplane, Showa Aeroplane and Kawasaki and in 1962 this company started building the YS-11 at Nagoya-Komaki. Out of 182 airframes built no less than 46 flew with Toa Domestic, JAS and its daughter JAC, and those are listed below. The run-down should be self-explanatory but still an example may be helpful: construction number 2157 (JA8776) was operated by Japan Domestic, became part of the TDA fleet on May 15, 1971 as a result of the merger and through the next merger became a JAS aircraft on April 1, 1988. It was this plane that carried out the last JAS YS-11 flight on March 8, 1996. Subsequently it continued its career with JAC until November 25, 2002 and eventually became a museum exhibit. Aircraft listed below and anywhere else in this article were delivered from factory (but not necessarily new), unless otherwise noted.

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YS-11 2149 was delivered to Japan Domestic Airlines by the end of September 1970. Mergers put the aircraft in the Toa Domestic Airlines inventory by 15 May 1971 and subsequently that of Japan Air System on 1 April 1988. JAS sent this turbo propliner on to Japan Air Commuter in April 1993. (Kagoshima, 21 March 2002)

[1] Ex Japan Domestic Airlines.
[2] Ex Toa Airways.
[3] Into JAS inventory on 1 April 1988.
[4] To Japan Air Commuter.

2001 JA8611 01sep77-21oct77 Back to NAMC, preserved Museum of Aeronautical Sciences near Tokyo-Narita 1989.
2005 JA8641 15may71-23mar89 [2][3] To Corns & Company. Eventually Broken up at Las Vegas-Henderson, NV, during 1994.
2006 JA8640 15may71-16mar89 [2][3] To Corns & Company. Eventually Broken up at Las Vegas-Henderson, NV, during 1994.
2007 JA8643 15may71-04dec89 [1][3] To L & M (USA). Acft noted derelict at Banjul, Gambia mar02.
2014 JA8648 15may71-19nov90 [1][3] To Air Aruba. Later stored in California and Arizona.
2016 JA8651 15may71-22sep94 [1][3] To Aboitiz Air Transport/Midnight Express.
2017 JA8653 15may71-jul95 [1][3] Withdrawn from use. Later to Philippines and eventually sunk in Subic Bay as an attraction for scuba divers (mar03).
2020 JA8656 15may71-jul95 [1][3] Withdrawn from use. Acft parked at Manila nov00.
2022 JA8662 15may71-01oct88 [1][3] Overran runway at Miho after aborted take-off due to lack of deicing and procedural errors. Damaged beyond repair.
2024 JA8660 01jun76-01dec77 Ex ANA - All Nippon Airways. Back to ANA. Acft was parked at Banjul, Gambia, mar02.
2026 JA8665 15may71-21may96 [1][3] To KFS Aviation. Airplane wfu at Manila jun01.
2028 JA8666 15may71-05oct82 [2] To Mid Pacific Air. Canc. sep89.
2031 JA8686 15may71-24nov82 [2]To Mid Pacific Air. Parked at Opa Locka, FL, as XA RPB jan03.
2032 JA8667 15may71-08mar96 [1][3] Withdrawn from use. Partly burnt after incident at Manila and noted stored there nov00.
2035 JA8676 15may71-jul95 [1][3] Withdrawn from use. Airframe preserved Grissom ARB, IN, by jul03.
2036 JA8672 15may71-23feb83 [2] To Mid Pacific Air. Reportedly scrapped by 1999.
2037 JA8675 15may71-30may96 [1][3] To KFS Aviation.
2038 JA8678 15may71-19nov86 [2] To Mandala Airlines but stored Tokyo-Haneda. Broken up nov88.
2041 JA8680 15may71-28jul79 [1] Officially wfu this date, but damaged beyond repair veering off runway after forced landing at Osaka-Itami on 28may75due to hydraulic leak.
2045 JA8684 15may71-08dec83 [2] To Mid Pacific Air. Broken up at Lafayette, IN, by 1993.
2054 JA8809 29jan79-apr96 Ex Cruzeiro do Sul Serviços Aéreos. [3][4] 16jul03 At Tokyo-Haneda in full JAS colours, moved to Michinoku musuem in Aomori.
2055 JA8805 01dec77-apr96 Ex Cruzeiro do Sul Serviços Aéreos. [3][4] 15jul03 Ferried to Noto, instructional airframe for Japan Aviation Academy, Wajima.
2064 JA8795 16jan85-26mar93 Ex SWAL - Southwest Airlines. [3] To TCA. Used as a fire trainer or scrapped Port of Spain-Piarco after 1998.
2065 JA8696 26oct79-16sep91 Ex SWAL - Southwest Airlines. [3] To TCA. Used as a fire trainer or scrapped Port of Spain-Piarco after 1998.
2079 JA8723 17nov77-26feb94 Ex VASP. [3] To Air Star Zanzibar.
2081 JA8804 04aug77-23apr94 Ex Cruzeiro do Sul Serviços Aéreos. [3] To TCA. Noted stored at Tucson, AZ, mar00.
2084 JA8709 31aug77-09oct85 Ex VASP. To JCAB - Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau.
2090 JA8710 28mar80-sep86 Ex SWAL - Southwest Airlines. Back to Southwest Airlines.
2092 JA8717 15may71-feb92 [1][3][4]
2105 JA8750 15may71-02feb81 [2] To Mid Pacific Air. Broken up at Lafayette, IN, 1998.
2106 JA8758 18mar80-apr90 Ex Philippine Airlines. [3] To L & C (USA).
2134 JA8764 15may71-03jul71 [1] Crashed into Mount Yokotsudake north of Hakodate.
2135 JA8763 15may71-mar93 [2][3][4]
2141 JA8765 15may71-20may92 [2][3] To TCA. Used as a fire trainer or scrapped Port of Spain-Piarco after 1998.
2142 JA8766 15may71-apr93 [2][3][4]
2147 JA8768 27jan78-01oct94 Ex Bouraq Indonesia Airlines. [3][4]
2149 JA8771 15may71-apr93 [1][3][4]
2152 JA8759 15may71-jul93 [1][3][4]
2157 JA8776 15may71-apr93 [1][3][4] Withdrawn from use by JAC 25nov02. Displayed in Aviation Museum Misawa.
2163 JA8777 15may71-apr93 [2][3][4]
2166 JA8781 08oct71-apr93 [3][4]
2170 JA8806 apr78-13feb90 Ex Pelita Air Service. [3] To L & C (USA).
2171 JA8807 01apr78-apr90 Ex Pelita Air Service. [3] To L & C (USA), stored in California and Arizona.
2176 JA8788 12mar73-apr93 [3][4]
2178 JA8792 01jul76-0478 Ex ANA - All Nippon Airways. To NAMC.
2178 JA8792 02oct78-05jun91 Back from NAMC. [3] To Flight Contract Services. Used as a fire trainer or scrapped Port of Spain-Piarco after 1998.

YS-11 subtype by construction number

2001 YS-11
2005 YS-11-101
2006, 2007 YS-11-106
2014, 2016, 2017 YS-11-108
2020, 2022, 2026 YS-11-109
2032, 2045 YS-11-109
2024 YS-11-111
2028, 2038 YS-11-114
2031 YS-11-117
2035 YS-11-120
2036 YS-11-129
2037 YS-11-124
2041 YS-11-125
2084 YS-11A-212
2090 YS-11A-214
2105 YS-11A-313F
2106 YS-11A-600
2134 YS-11A-217
2170, 2171 YS-11A-623
rest YS-11A-500
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