Coming home on JA8088
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JA8088 over Siberia
Coming home on JA8088
Last updated 03.12.07


Of the seven times I have been able to visit Japan since 2000, I flew Amsterdam - Tokyo v.v. direct with JAL six times. Five of these twelve legs were made on B747-446 JA8088 (26341). I had seats everywhere in this big bird and enjoyed nearly all of the flights, the one exception being in a middle seat on a packed upper deck with no room for my luggage other than under my legs... But the opposite happened too, more than once did I enjoy the luxury of having three seats to myself - which is quite special considering the high occupancy rate on this route.

In total I spent 55 hours and 6 minutes airborne in JA8088 so far and it is safe to assume I was in the cabin for at least 60 hours. Not something that would make the headlines, but to me a suitable opportunity to give an impression of long-distance travel 'the other way'. (This page did not get further yet than the setup you see here.)